Friday, May 14, 2010

KML in FalconView 4.3

I'm a fan of Google Earth: having used a handful of 3D map viewers, I've found that GE is hard to beat.  Sometimes, though, it's nice to be able to view maps, charts and imagery in a 2D setting, where it's often easier to visualize a route or a mission plan.  FalconView 4.3 includes the capability to open KML and KMZ so that you can view your data in the 3D environment of Google Earth, or in the 2D environment of FalconView, whichever is better suited to your particular need.  We support KML ground overlays, time-dependent KML (use the FalconView time control), regionated KML, screen overlays and all types of placemarks (other than 3D models, which we draw as points so that you can see where they would draw in a 3D view and get the metadata associated with them).  Here are a few screen captures of the same KML data being drawn in FalconView, Google Earth, and WEdge.  Click on the image to see the full-size screen capture.

(Notice that the second image from FalconView is being shown on top of Open Street Map data, which is available as a base map in FalconView build, available from the FalconView web site.)

[[ Update: I forgot to mention that we're using Google's libkml to parse KML input. ]]

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Mycom said...

I found your blog is very interesting anyway I need some advice from you about how to display KML on Falconview and can I open the .csv file on FV.
Thank you