Monday, March 22, 2010

FalconView Symposium

[ Syndicated from the FalconView web site ]

The FalconView team will be hosting the first FalconView Symposium this Summer. This annual event will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, August 23-25. International attendees are welcome to attend.

GTRI will be presenting several sessions on FalconView integration best practices. There are trade offs for various possible integration scenarios. Our aim is to get the word out on what can be done, what should be done, and what is being done now. Are you planning a proposal for a FalconView tool? Let us help translate the requirements for you and see what others are doing.

The differences among the various FalconView versions out there will also be covered as well as how to move your tools forward into newer FalconView releases.

The floor is also open for speakers from the entire FalconView community. We want to hear what you would like FalconView to do for you!

Attendance is space-limited to the first 200 registrants so reserve your spot soon! Please sign up for information below. A small conference fee will be charged during registration (there is a discount for presenters!). We need to get a headcount so please indicate the likelihood of your attendance in your email.

[ See the FalconView web site for information on registration, presenting, and sponsorships. ]