Friday, April 1, 2011

FalconView Announces FalconView for Facebook

ATLANTA, GA - In an effort to bring a more social experience to the mission planning community, FalconView researchers have completed a year-long effort to integrate two of the most popular and useful tools in the DoD mission planner's kit: FalconView and Facebook.

"The idea is to make mission planning more people-oriented, more social, and more fun," said FalconView program manager Chris Bailey.  "This will take us beyond just icons on a map.  FalconView for Facebook will add the human dimension to the experience.  Intelligence analysts who have long desired better integration between geospatial intelligence and human intelligence have their wish."

One of the features of FalconView for Facebook is the ability to open a target's Facebook page from within the FalconView GUI.  Bailey demonstrated this feature to us in the lab by linking FalconView to a live intelligence feed, right-clicking on a combatant radar site, and opening the "Facebook places" page for the site, where he pointed out that several combatant soldiers had already "tagged" themselves in the satellite imagery of the location.  (Security concerns preclude us from posting the actual demonstration in this article.)

Where could this project lead?  "I can't disclose all of the next steps," said Bailey, "but let's just say that geographic analysis of your Farmville properties will soon become much easier."

More details about this project may be found here.