Thursday, June 13, 2013

Introducing the FalconView KML Drawing Library

Thanks, Georgia Tech, for funding me to develop a library for drawing KML.  The screen captures that you've seen in the last couple of months have shown the library in progress on Windows (via FalconView) and on Linux (via Quantum GIS).

One of the most exciting parts of this project was implementing a KML drawer for Android.  This involved making the drawer and its dependencies (including Libkml and Google Test) compile using the Android native development kit, and hooking the Java-coded GUI to the C++ portion via JNI.

More information about the KML Drawing Library, which is used as a part of FalconView, may be found on the FalconView web site.  Like all of FalconView Open Source, the KML Drawing Library may be used in third party applications so long as the terms of the FalconView Open Source license are followed.  Some instructions for using the library and a link to the source code are available at that link.  I'd be glad to answer questions about using the library posted here or on the FalconView web site discussion boards.