Thursday, January 28, 2010

OGR Drivers for FalconView Data

Another engineer here at GTRI recently implemented OGR drivers for FalconView points files and drawing files. This will enable FalconView Common Data Architecture consumers (such as the Geodata overlay) to consume .lpt and .drw files and present them using the Common Data Architecture interfaces. This also means that third-parties now have an easy way of consuming .lpt and .drw data: you can build these drivers yourself (available under the terms of the LPGL), register them with OGR, and use OGR to read your FalconView data. The source code, currently in beta, is here. To register the drivers with OGR, you can use the OGR driver registrar. Georgia Tech may make other FalconView drivers for OGR, so stay tuned.

[[ Update: We've finished OGR drivers for drop zones and landing zones.  They are in our source tree, but we don't have a build of these posted yet. ]]

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