Saturday, June 27, 2009

FalconView Open Source Hits the Web

Not only has Georgia Tech published the source code for FalconView 4.3, but we have also published Windows installer binaries for the full application. All of this and more can be found on the FalconView web site. Please keep in mind that FalconView 4.3 is still young. We haven't even reached the beta stage because we're still polishing features that will appear in 4.3. The current build is suitable for developers and for folks who want to evaluate the application.

There are a handful of features for FalconView that should make it useful for the general public. We still support Shapefiles, GeoTIFF, and other popular GIS formats. We have the drawing overlay and the analysis tools for making your maps more useful. Also, we now support Google Earth KML / KMZ and Web Mapping Servers. A list of features, along with screen captures can be found here. Oh, and did I mention that my prized GIS Editor along with its source code is included?

Feel free to contribute to the project by writing plugin extensions for FalconView or by submitting improvements to Georgia Tech. The SDK is available on the web site along with a handful of other developer resources and examples. I'm usually glad to answer quick question for someone interested in coding for FalconView.

Download it and take it for a spin; just treat it gently while we work out the kinks.


MidNight Mapper said...

Joel - Appreciate the notice. I do have a question. If you recall I talked with you a month over ago regarding how to open some sort of support contract for say four hours or 24 ten minute chats – possibly code review for really stuck problems. We seem to be burning up hours on inconsistent windows behavior in 4.01. I would like to send staff to the various training classes but not this round as we don’t have the travel and training allowance in the project. I can pay for licenses and support.
Red Hen Systems
Neil Havermale

mike said...

I've downloaded and been playing with the alpha. I can't get it to run; it crashes when fvw.exe tries to load. I've tried both installs, and multiple reboots.

SkyView and GeoRect run, but PFPS just won't go.

Is there anywhere I can grab the code at? I thought about hopping in and debugging it some, but can't find anywhere to do that at.

Joel Odom said...

Mike, sorry to hear about the trouble. The code is available on the FalconView web site. I've seen some problems at startup on some systems due to the new database engine. We're trying to smooth that out before the beta, which will release in a few weeks here.

Joel Odom said...

Neil, did you get in touch with Daniel about registering for the developer classes?